Working with the children to develop their super-hero alter egos was quite interesting and rewarding. It’s always a learning experience when working with children in a creative environment because their ideas on what’s possible isn’t bogged down by real world physics and science. In my opinion this is one of the fundamental components of creativity- the ability to think outside of what we all accept as norms. It’s always interesting to see how different people advance the creative process.

Seeing the children apply the new skills they learned at the Summer Heroes Programme in bringing their hero costumes to life was the icing on the cake. The end results were amazing.


For me the experience was amazing and enlightening to be able to enjoy a walk of life that I probably would never have known if not for the volunteer programme.I appreciated the simple things in life a little bit more after that period with the children and my passion to help people was ignited for good. 

I will forever Cherish My experiences with Summer Heroes. The Kids are really amazing and are all special and unique in their own way. How they expressed it on paper and brought their designs to life was truly inspirational . I Bonded with every child and I must say they all gave me a gift they all taught me a valuable life lesson and they will always be in my heart. The Experience was Stellar – that opportunity to work with the kids as well as new people was  a really nice experience and I have no regrets whatsoever spending my summer with you guys it was worth every minute.

CREATE-WITH-ME CRAFT AND POTTERY STUDIO (Tonia Roberts- Facilitator for Tie Dye and Clay work)
The experience I had at the Summer Heroes Summer Camp 2013 was fantastic! I thought it was well planned and executed! The kids were delightful to work with and extremely disciplined.  Activities were educational, fun and challenging and gave them a variety of mediums to work with which brought out their creativity and gave us an idea of who each of the participants truly are, and who and what they are aspiring to be.  I thought the presenters were excellent and everything tied in great together to achieve the final result and presentation.
Being a part of the 2013 summer hero campaign was really an experience I’ll never forget. The participants were really ambitious and willing to do their piece. It was really heart warming to meet such happy people. They were kind and  helpful to each other. I think its something everyone should experience at least once in life. You start as a volunteer but you become a friend. It was a learning opportunity I will never forget. 
I have worked with the kids of the Summer Heroes programme for two summers and it was truly amazing being around them.  It was a learning experience watching the enthusiasm, the excitement, their dreams, their desires to be a super heroes that became a reality to them.  I felt like a child again and way boy it was fantastic.
ELSA CLARKE (Artist and Lecturer at UWI. Masters in Art Education) – Guest Facilitator in 2013
A worthwhile experience. I only did a talk and demonstration of my own experience of sustainable art making using kitchen mediums but my interaction with the youngsters gave me something too. I hoped that what I was doing would encourage them to look beyond the traditional materials and have the courage to try everyday items, recycled materials because I understood the material limitations the program was working with, I didn’t recognize how much the experience would impact my own enthusiasm for art making and for using alternative media.
JODIE WALLER (First time volunteer)
Over the last year, I kept seeing posts, invitations and emails about the Summer Heroes Programme.  At first, I thought it was more of an Art Project for all types of children, so when I got an email for drawings for the upcoming book, I thought, I’m sure my daughter would like to submit.  So we did our drawing and submitted it and thought nothing else of it. But it was only at a small lime at a friend’s house when the programme was mentioned again and I heard and saw the excitement in Jaime as she talked about it that I really truly begun to understand what she had embarked on.  Even with that, I still didn’t get the total picture until I volunteered for her for one of the final events. Nothing prepared me for the reality of this magnanimous task that she and her crew had taken upon themselves to accomplish.  To say it was a truly heart-warming, feel-good, touching experience to be part of this – is still an understatement.  Personally, my favorite was seeing the way these ‘kids’ lit up as they saw the art & costumes they had created and their own blown-up pictures next to their pieces. The pride! The self-satisfaction!  So beautiful and innocent.  And of course, the way they put their whole heart into everything they did –  truly priceless!  I’m grateful for Jaime for allowing me this experience!  
JAMILA KHAN (volunteer)
I enjoyed the experience. The super heroes had such great and different personalities. It made me have a better understanding of those with special needs. I liked being around the forms of art and creativity. The way skills and life lessons were being taught. I liked the presenters bringing their perspectives and interests. It was life changing for me to be a bit more selfless and help other people. It has become a passion of mine and I have joined the VCTT organization to give more contributions of my time. I met such great volunteers who have a social conscience. Very interesting and genuine people. I had a blast! I think it was great to be part of the lessons and activities. I enjoyed the exhibition, getting the opportunity to see everyone again and the results of what were accomplished. The mixture of activities and speakers were an excellent balance.

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