The Namaste Foundation has been a faithful supporter since our inception in 2012.  I remember the first time I had heard of them. I had started my creative business ‘Trinidad Home Studio Ltd’ in 2011 and received an email from them, introducing their cause and enquiring if we could be a supporter. They did not know then that we were a very young start up with no resources and struggling ourselves.

Jump a year forward and they are the foundation helping us with our own charitable project! Even though our business is still in its baby stages of growth, we dedicate time and effort and any resources we have towards Summer Heroes. The Namaste Foundation is the same. The founder and person spearheading that foundation is Don Bideshi, who quite like us, balances work and charitable causes. A very humble person who will be shocked to see this post- he deserves a special shout out.

This post is specifically for the Toy Drive in December which asked for art materials and books. We are pleased to have been able to donate to superheroes from Rainbow Rescue, Heart of Mary Care Centre, The Just Because Foundation, Ezekiel Home, and an anonymous safe house in Port of Spain. Some of the materials were also given specifically to individual heroes who are participating in our upcoming SUPER ME project.

Although we gave our formal thanks last year we would like to give a public shout out to The Namaste Foundation as we stop to look back on our successes for the programme post 2013.  THANK YOU!






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