SUMMER HEROES OUTREACH MID -YEAR REPORT- details between and after all photos.

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On April 30th, SUMMER HEROES offered free art activities to children attending the Just Because Foundation’s (JBF) fundraiser supporting children and youth (1 to 16 years old) with paediatric cancer. We thank JBF for inviting us each year!

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We also hosted a mask-making booth at the United Way’s Day of Caring (UWTT) on May the 22nd at Republic Bank Grounds where UWTT sponsored materials and volunteers.

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A full gallery of photos from all events can be seen at this link: GALLERIES. Children at the UWTT event must remain anonymous and so only a few photos are included and faces have been blurred.


We are excited to report that through the overwhelming generosity of donors and volunteers we were able to provide this service and to far exceed it. For this we are truly grateful.

The 49 children currently affiliated with JBF on the cancer ward received art packages with high quality art supplies. Some also received tickets to IMAX, vouchers for free yoga classes, and they will be treated to a fun outing at iJUMP in the near future.

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Outreach for the first half of the year was made possible by the generosity of the following organizations and people. We could not do this work without them. From money for gifts, to actual gifts, to snacks, to materials – Thank you!

Summer Heroes Volunteers for the JBF Event:

Angelique Pereira
Annalisa Smith
Anneliese Percy
Cherisse Alexander
Donna Marie Lee King
Jason Armstrong
Jodie Waller
Kayla Batchasingh (Youth Summer Heroes Committee)
Malini Mack
Maria Marquez
Melissa Tardieau (TallMan Foundation Committee)
Shawn Chong Ashing
Tara Bhajan (TallMan Foundation Committee)
Yogisharam Bassie (GWO Team)

Special thanks to all the UWTT volunteers that helped at the Day of Caring

Donations of goods and towards goods:

Bryden PI
The GWO Team (Global Wellness Organization)
Individuals (staff) at Londsdale Saatchi and Saatchi
Individuals (staff) at Saltwater Studios
Individuals who wish to remain anonymous
Maple Leaf International School
St. Andrews Private School
United Way of Trinidad and Tobago (materials and volunteers)

Alison Lee Loy
Andre Chong Ashing
Anil Saisbhan
Anneliese Percy
Ariana Maria Herbert
Asma Ali
Candice Lee Kim
Charissa Minty
Chela Whisky
Cherisse Alexander
Chinnelle Ali
Clynz Harripaul
Colin Mitchell
Dalton Douglas
Daniel Leung
Deborah Delabastide
Denise Chong Ashing
Erin Julien
Ila Seegobin
Ingrid Lee Loy
Jade Lee Loy
Janelle Lee Loy
Jean Carrington
Jinnah-Marie Ali
Jodie Waller
Karen Lequay Charles
Kayla Harper
Keegan Maharaj
Linda Ramsumir
Marleis Charlett
Mehreen Vazir
Michelle Baball-Seegoolam
Mick Seegobin
Norvan Fullerton
Pat Ganase
Richard O’Halleron
Salisha Ali
Samantha Fletcher
Shane Chandler
Shawn Chong Ashing
Shivani Celestin
Stacy Patel Kissoon
Tommy Skjervan
Tyron Maharaj
Wendy John
Yogisharam Bassie


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(The above books were donated to JBF for their activity stall and purchased with funds received.)

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All children will receive cards made by students of St. Andrews and Maple Leaf, as well as visitors to our mobile art booth at the JBF event who stayed to make them.



1-2                         5
3 -4                       12
5-6                        13
7-8                         5
11-12                      7
13-14                     2
15-16                      5


Activities provided included mask making, the making of a simple mural, and ‘sending secret messages’ which involves the making of cards specifically meant to encourage and share support.

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Outreach activities for SUMMER HEROES are kept extremely simple as they often occur at events. The programme itself incorporates more complex activities usually involving curriculums with art therapists, artists and character development professionals. (See summerheroestt.com)

As the programme is growing speedily, SUMMR HEROES is being restructured to better provide services to underserved groups in a sustainable way. This year we have focused on outreach and advocacy.

SUPER ME is a film produced by the programme and it is currently at IMAX. Here we encounter past and ongoing participants of the programme who advocate for positive social change in Trinidad and Tobago. More information can be accessed at this link:


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