THE WISH LIST was an additional initiative we undertook to give the heroes something truly special. Below is a detailed summary of what we gave them and who supported us.

We would also like to acknowledge the Sponsors of the Workshop, The Open Day/Parade, and Exhibition here.




NESTLE – for their demonstration on recycling tetra packs


The Heroes received certificates and art materials on the last day of their workshop. For the OPEN DAY we wanted to give them something really special that was personalized in some way. Over the course of this intense workshop we really got to know and care for these heroes and thinking of interesting gifts to give them alongside their trophies was quite easy.




We must thank the individuals and companies that donated towards this wish list as they are the ones who made this possible. We also thank the employees of the Neal and Massy Group for donating towards this day. Their donations helped towards invisible costs like security and portable toilet facilities.



Below are two listings. The first shows each Hero, their gift, and their sponsor. The second is a brief insight into the choices we made.

  1. Antonio Sorzano
    *Sponsored by Shadia Lake – Upholstery Tools
  • Ashundel Fletcher  
    Sponsored by KLH Safety and Security – Harry’s Water Park – four passes
  • Ayesha King
    *Sponsored by Shadia Lake – Silver Chain with Hummingbird Pendant
  • Damian Marquis
    *Sponsored by Shadia Lake – Power Lifting straps for arms
  • Darren Beharry
    *Sponsored by The Genesis Foundation – Complete Superman Series DVD  Animated Edition
  • Dexter Phillip
    Sponsored by Renee Ortiz – A radio cassette player – small boom box – and a supply of tapes by Barbara Duncan
  • Jabari James    
    *Sponsored by Random Acts Of Good Deeds and Nikita Mohansingh – A dvd on photography – the best of national Geographic’s stunning images and video showing how these shots were composed
  • Jamal Joseph
    A snap back Chicago bulls hat and sunglasses
     Sponsored by The Children’s Network of Helping Hands
  • Janelle Francis    
    * Sponsored by Giles Leung – A gift certificate for Fashion Accessories
  • Joel Bristol
    *Sponsored by The Genesis FoundationMarvel Encyclopedia of Superheroes

Jeremiah Richards    
*Sponsored by The Children’s Network of Helping Hands- Remote Controlled Car

Jomal Forde    
Sponsored by Beverly Jardine – Remote Control Car

Judy Ann James
*Sponsored by Rentokil Initial Trinidad Limited – A silver ring with a rose decal

Kellie Simmons
*Sponsored by Horses Helping Humans- A Day Pass to the Horse Farm with rides and horse therapy

Kester Graham
* DC Comics- full illustrated guide to superheroes

Omari Holder
*Sponsored by Look Opticians – A pair of GUESS shades

Renee Massiah
Sponsored by Janelle Lee Loy: A Sewing Basket with sewing accessories

Sergio Williams
* Sponsored by Rentokil Initial Trinidad Limited- Power Lifting straps for arms

Surya Hosein
*Sponsored by Keevin and Amanda Patel – Machel Cd and a surprise gift to be delivered

Vanessa Fortune
 * Sponsored by Nassar and Maureen Khan – A Gift Certificate for two pairs of shoes at Francis Fashions

Xavier Lee
Sponsored by Rentokil Initial Trinidad Limited – IPOD Mini


THANKS to SUZANNE MOORE and ANDREW JARDINE for donating to this and whose donations helped towards the Magic Show!


  1. Antonio Sorzano
    FLASH GOLDEN POWER loves and is great at upholstering and at electronics. He can fix almost anything
  2. Ashundel Fletcher
    STARBOY spoke to us at length about Harry’s Water Park
  3. Ayesha King
    SUPER AWESOME originally designed a hummingbird pendant and chain as part of her hero costume
  4. Damian Marquis
    POWER LIFTING MAN – best friends with FANDANGO (SERGIO) is a power lifting hero in real life
  5. Darren Beharry
    SUPER RUNNER loves looking at pictures and may not speak often but observes everything. He likes Superman a lot.
  6. Dexter Phillip
    MIGHTY MAN loves radios and cassettes and likes to record himself and things from the radio
  7. Jabari James
    RED PHOTOGRAPHER has a camera and loves taking photos in real life. He aspires to be a professional
  8. Jamal Joseph
    WETMAN loves style and fashion and specifically asked for A snap back Chicago bulls hat
  9. Janelle Francis
    SUPER SWANKY JANELLE loves fashion and wants to study to be a designer
  10. Joel Bristol
    FERNO BOY knew so much about superheroes he knew everything already – about all the popular superheroes!
  11. Jeremiah Richards
    SUPERBOY designed a turbo powered car as his TALISMAN project and apart from a real bicycle would love this gift.
  12. Jomal Forde
    SWAGGERLICIOUS wishes he owned a car to help his mom. Although not a real car we know he will love this.
  13. Judy Ann James
    THE RED ROSE loves roses, plants, the environment and designed rose accessories for her costume.
  14. Kellie Simmons
    *Sponsored by Horses Helping Humans (MARK loves horses and wishes she could speak to them)
  15. Kester Graham
    HERO FLY is a silent and strong hero. Quiet and observant like SUPER RUNNER he loves visual imagery
  16. Omari Holder
    SUPER OMARI is a bubbly and joyous hero and expressed a wish for sunglasses
  17. Renee Massiah
    TIGER GIRL loves to sew and she is amazingly good at it. Her hero wishes she could provide clothes for all those who cannot afford it.
  18. Sergio Williams
    FANDANGO (best friends with POWER LIFTING MAN – DAMIAN) is a power lifting hero in real life
  19. Surya Hosein
    *Sponsored by an Anonymous source (MACHEL MONTANO loves music and singing and his celebrity hero)
  20. Vanessa Fortune
    HIBISCUS GIRL detailed a wish for shoes
  21. Xavier Lee
    SUPER RAP MAN loves music and says he has great lyrical talent. He also owned a IPOD that was recently destroyed

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