As we receive more testimonies from 2018 we will add below.

The following voice notes (also transcribed in text) were sent from Penelope Camps, a speech therapist and the Director of the Yahweh Foundation. In 2018 we worked with 15 children who are part of the Yahweh Foundation.

Transcription from above voice note 1 minute and 5 seconds in length.

“The real essence of the camp was the emotional safety it provided which allowed the children the opportunity to dream big for themselves and the world. In terms of coming to see themselves, imagine themselves as agents of change. Many of our youngsters at Yahweh experience a lot of powerlessness in their individual, personal life circumstances. And what Super Me did, it allowed them in a very short space of time, just four days, to in their heads and their imaginations move from powerlessness to a feeling of being powerful.”

Tijani’s CHEF BOY with his regenerating pizza that can feed the hungry.

Transcription from above voice note 1 minute and 35 seconds in length.

“It was like a safe space laboratory for the youngsters, where out of their hearts came the purest and best intentions for humanity and for our environment – so they were able to imagine my most powerful me, my superhero me. Could a Chef Man feed the world so that nobody could be hungry, or as little Djanae, 5 years old said, my superhero me, could bring dead pets and puppies back to life, so that people would not have to feel the loss of their companion pet. And Journee and Jayden both 11 wanting to take care of the environment, and choosing that their superhero selves would do that and protect. One was Forest Whisperer and the other Lady Rattle to protect our precious environment.”

Transcription from above voice note 2 minutes and 49 seconds in length.

“That was the essence of the camp from my point of view, through my eyes. The actual mechanics of the camp, the way things were done, you were so thorough with the organization, it was really impressive and informative to see that a group of people who did not know our children at all could come and engage them as fully, as you and your team did Jaime. The camp captured and captivated the children’s interest throughout. The wide range of stimulating activities and the activities themselves reflected thoughtfulness and sensitivity to the developmental needs and interests of the children between 5 and 12. There were so many different needs and interests and the wide range the camp offered was really wonderful for them.  In an age where children so often complain of boredom – that just did not cross their minds.

The feedback they gave us this week showed that every little piece of the camp, they spoke about everything, from drawing the tree to the coral of course, which was a big hit, the edible coral, and the virtual goggles and the dancing and the constructing of the secret superhero hideout, the paper was a big hit as well…..lots of the young people enjoyed the paper making. Please tell Petra that. Everything, they spoke about everything.”

Transcription from above voice note 1 minute and 22 seconds in length.

“So Super Me brought tremendous value to us at Yahweh and it was a big, big hit among our team and definitely among our children, all of them, they all requested a repeat next year, they said even though Aunty Jaime, Shana and Petra had to spend so much money bringing all these materials up here we really hope we get have this year, but someone else might have to have a chance… (laughs gently.) Anyway it was a huge hit at Yahweh and we want to thank all the facilitators that had input into the camp, they are all each of them very special human beings and brought goodness to us and all of them reacted very kindly with our youngsters and we are very grateful. Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

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